Emory University生物统计与生物信息学系吴浩教授学术报告

发布时间: 2017-05-26      访问次数: 13
报告题目:Looking for disease diagnostic models from large-scale biomedical data
The rapid developments of bio-technologies and computational methods have evolutionarize the biomedical research. The enormous amount of data generated from various high-throughput technologies provide unprecedented opportunities for advancing medical practice, however, to make better sense of the data requires the development of novel statistical/computational methods.

In this talk, I will briefly introduce two on-going projects in my research group on constructing disease diagnostic models from large-scale biomedical data. The first one is using cell-free DNA methylation profile for disease prediction; the second one is the development of a CADx (Computer-aided diagnosis) system for Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH) disease based on retina image.

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