Yen-Wei Chen教授学术报告


报告题目: Modeling and Analysis ofMulti-Dimensional Biomedical Data

报告人介绍: Prof. Yen-Wei Chen,Professor, College of Information Science and Engineering,

         Ritsumeikan University, Japan


Due to the rapid development of imaging technologies, we have obtained a large amount of biomedical images. In addition to 3-dimensional spatial information, the biomedical images have temporal information. Efficient representation (modeling) of the multi-dimensional biomedical data is an important issue for biomedical image analysis. In this talk, I will introduce two research topics related tomodeling and analysis ofmulti-dimensional biomedical data. The first topic is tensor-based multi-linear subspace learning methods forefficient representation of multi-dimensional medical data and its application to dynamic CT image analysis. The second topic is deep learning-based mitotic cell detectionin 4D microscopic images