School of BiologicalSciences and Medical Engineering at Southeast University Recruits ExcellentTalents


        Southeast University is one of the national keyuniversities under direct administration of the Central Government and theMinistry of Education of China. It is also one of the key universities of the 211Project and the 985 Program. Southeast University hosts 30 Schools or Departments.In 2017,Southeast University was selected as a national “double first-class” A-categorycollege, and 11 subjects were selected for the first-rate disciplineconstruction list. The number of selected subjects is ranked the 8thin the country. In the fourth round of National DisciplineRanking by the Education Degree and Graduate Education Development Center of theMinistry of Education of China, the five disciplines of, Architecture, Civil Engineering,Communication and Transportation Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, as wellas Art Theory were rated as A+, the number of which was tied for the 8thin the national universities. In addition, Electronic Science and Technology wasrated as A and six other disciplines were rated as A-.In the US News 2017 World University Rankings on Engineering,Southeast University was ranked the 7th in China and the 23rdin the world.

        Southeast University has Sipailou, Jiulonghu, and Dingjiaqiaocampuses, covering a total area of 392 hectares, and is easily accessible by MetroLine 3. Surrounding the campuses, there are Southeast University Kindergartens,Beijing Donglu Primary School, Nanjing Foreign Languages School, and otherhigh-quality kindergartens and key primary/secondary schools with abundant andavailable education and associated resources.



        The School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering wasestablished in 1984by Professor WEI Yu, member of the Chinese Academy ofEngineering. The School currently has three Departments, Biomedical Engineering,Information & Systems Biology, and Medical & Biological Physics; one NationalKey Discipline, one Postdoctoral Program and Distinguished Professor post ofthe “ChangJiang Scholars Program”; one National Key Laboratory, one NationalExperimental Teaching Demonstration Center, one National “111 DisciplineInnovation Introduction Base”, one National Engineering Practical Education Center,one Provincial Key Laboratory, and one Provincial Industrial Technology Institute.In 2017, at the meantime when SoutheastUniversity was selected as a national “double first-class” A-category college,our School was also successfully selected for the first-class disciplineconstruction list. In both 2007 and 2012, Biomedical Engineering was ranked the1st in the national discipline assessment, and received an A+ ratingin 2017. 

        The School currently hosts the National Key Bioelectronics Laboratory,the “111” Innovation Center of Organ Chips, the Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratoryof Biological Materials and Instruments, the Medical Electronics Laboratory, theBiomedical Signal and Image Processing Laboratory, the Biomechanics Laboratory,and the Biointerface Laboratory. In addition, the School has several high-techtransformation application centers such as the Jiangsu Industrial ResearchInstitute Suzhou Key Laboratory of Biomedical Materials and Technology, theSuzhou Key Laboratory of Environment and Biosafety, and the Wuxi Key Laboratoryof Biochips. In the recent 5 years, the School has presided over or undertakenmore than 200 scientific projects at the national, provincial, or ministeriallevel, including two National Key Scientific Research Programs (973). Theschool has received a total scientific research fund of RMB 200 million; nearly1000 SCI-indexed papers have been published; and over 120 patents have beenauthorized. The School has also won 8 Natural Science and Scientific & TechnologicalProgress Awards of at the national, provincial, or ministerial level.



        Recruitment will focus on researchers and full-time lecturers inbiomedical engineering under the age of 40. Directions include: biomedical bigdata, nano-biomedicine,neuroinformationengineering and neuropedagogy, medical imaging technology, biosensor and chip,artificial organ and organ chips, biomechanics, and other related fields.

     The applicants should have obtained a doctorate degree in a well-knownuniversity, and have overseas work experience of continuous scientific researchfor at least 3 years (excluding that in the case where personnel relations weremaintained, positions were retained, and salaries were received in the domesticunits). Applicants who have formal teaching or research positions in theoverseas universities, research institutions, or R&D departments ofwell-known enterprises need to return full-time. Overseas PhDs with outstandingperformances can have exceptions in the length of work experience.


TheThousand Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists

In addition to the individual awards and research fundingprovided by the Government, the School will further supply the following:

1) Position: Direct employment as Professor (four-grade);

2) Remuneration: The first employment term is 3 years, duringwhich the remuneration level is at RMB 500,000/year;

3) Research funding (all in RMB): 1-3 million provided by theGovernment; 1-2 million provided by the Science, the Engineering, and theMedical Universities; priority will be given when applying to other talent programs(3 million for the Jiangsu Province Double-Innovation Team, 500 thousand-1million for the Jiangsu Province Double-Innovation Individual, 500 thousand-1million for the Jiangsu Province Distinguished Professor, 30 thousand-1 millionfor the Jiangsu Province “333 Project”);

4) Housing: One special house with discount can be purchased, fortalents who meet the national and school policies;

5) Others: Sufficient office and laboratory space provided,priority given to support establishment of the research team, doctoral and masterstudent enrollments prioritized, job for spouse assisted , pre-school children arrangedto attend Southeast University Affiliated Kindergarten.


Benefits of other talents: Negotiable



Applicants should prepare a detailed CV, reprints of representativepublications (more than 5 articles), citations and comments by others, a futurework plan, and other supporting materials, and send the package to the contact informationlisted below in the form of email.

The detailed CV should include educational background, workexperience, academic affiliations, research projects hosted or participated,representative achievements, list of important publications, citations, and personalcontact information, etc.


Contact Information: Dean Gu Zhongze’s email:

Dean’soffice phone: +86 25 83795635

Address: School of Biological Sciences and Medical Engineering,Southeast University, 2 Sipai, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210096, China

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