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Course Introduction


Microfluidic chips

Jijun Zhu

The course of microfluidic chip will introduce the theory of microfluidic chips or lab on a chip or micro total analysis system. Firstly this course will introduce the micro fluidic relate hydrodynamic theory of the microfluidic chips. At the same time, the simulation of microfluid on a micro-channel will discussed, especially some related software such as ANSYS, Fluent. Secondly, the microfabrication method will be thoroughly discussed such as surface microfabrication, bulk microfabrication. At the same time the LIGA method will also be introduced for microfluidic applications. Thirdly, micro-reactors and micro-mixtures will be introduced in detail for micro chemical applications. Finally the integrated instruments for microfluidic chip used in analytical chemistry and medical instrument will be thoroughly discussed.


Introduction to Systems Biology

Zuhong Lu

Systems biology is an interdisciplinary field of modern biology and information science, which is the important for the doctoral program of biomedical engineering.


Introduction to Medical Physics

Wenxue Yu

The course aims to introduce medical physics principles, methods and techniques, including medical diagnostic physics, physical therapy , and biological physics. The entire teaching hours include lectures, discussions and self-study. Classroom lectures use multi-media teaching, while discussion requires students to prepare lecture in advance and speak in class. Self-study e-learning is mainly used by graduates to learn those already prepared materials.

In addition to discussion paper, a special report of this course is required as a final evaluation.


Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine

Ning Gu

The course establishes a professional basis for basic research and application of basic research on nanobiology and nanomedicine field. Students are required to know the main development and its relevant discipline as well as technological achievements, to master its fundamentals and methods, and to understand nanotechnology, which is vastly utilized in research of biology and medicine as well as related subjects.

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