The School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering aims at the scientific research of the interdisciplinary field involving biology, medicine and informatics. As such it has established itself as a vanguard of fundamental research and applied fundamental research, developing new technologies while continuously improving its overall level of scientific research, paying attention to scientific research progress, and making its research work develop sustainably. By doing so it maintains a local leading position and continually adheres to international standards. 

Five major research directions:

(1)Genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Research of biochip-based genome sequencing methods; development of rapid, low-cost, high-sensitivity DNA sequencing technologies; research of bioinformatics analysis technologies relevant to genome sequencing; and research of individual genome information analysis methods and technologies related to human disease.
(2) Biological and medical nanotechnology. Emphasis is laid on the preparation and characterization of biomedical nano materials, biocompatibility of nano materials, methods and characteristics of the interactions between nanoparticles and cell or subcellular organelles to develop nano-biomedical-oriented for clinical diagnosis and treatment technologies.
(3) Biomedical materials and devices. Development of new implantable/non-implantable bioelectronics device and technologies for the functional repair of human organs, research of neuronal signals transport mechanisms based on microelectronic chips as well as new biocompatibility evaluation technologies and methods related to biomedical materials and implanted devices.
(4) Medical imaging and medical electronics. Research of the physical and physiological properties of high-speed medical ultrasonic echo signal for the further improvement of temporal and spatial resolutions of medical ultrasonic images; research and development of multipurpose high-speed medical ultrasonic signal acquisition systems and micro medical devices.
(5) Biomechanics. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, as the most common diseases severely threatening human health, have become the first causes of human death and a “silent demon” for human health; they are featured with “high morbidity, disability rate, death rate and recurrence rate and excessive complications”, i.e. “four-high and one-excessive”. Through research in this direction, we are striving to find biomechanical mechanism of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, thereby enhancing prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these kinds of diseases.