Literature reading requirements, thesis written request, publication achievement requirements etc.
Literature Reading
Students are required to read at least 50 literatures on topics related to their dissertation including 40 literatures in foreign languages and to write a literature review.
Dissertation Writing
In addition to compliance with the requirements of school, dissertation must be written in a systematic and comprehensive manner, presenting clear concepts, correct argument, rigorous elucidation, insightful discussion, correct calculation, reliable data, smooth and concise writing, and clear icons.
Dissertation Evaluation
The dissertation should have certain depth and breadth. The following requirements should be achieved: clear novelty, partial of research results with similar level to international advancement, new finding, insightful. The findings presented in the dissertation should have big impact on its field. Students are required to conduct at least 2 years research. To obtain a PhD degree, the students should have completed the achievement required by the university. Prior to application for dissertation presentation, the students must pass the pre-presentation of their schools.