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Course Introduction



Xiao Sun

This course is designed for students to learn and understand a number of standard methods in bioinformatics and to use associated computing tools. The hope is that students will be familiar with the databases, master the methods and use the tools expertly. Various existing methods will be critically described and the strengths and limitations of each will be discussed. Future directions for development of new methods will also be discussed. Students should learn the progress and the current state of Bioinformatics. A final paper will be required for the course that critically and constructively analyzes one of the methods presented in the course, or present a novel application of existing tools.



Analysis and Processing of Multidimensional Signal

Huazhong Shu

The goal of this course is to present the fundamental concept and some novel methods on multi-dimensional signals. Primary knowledge of digital signal (image) processing is required.



Principles and Applications of Biochips


Hua Lu

The goal of this course is to understand the basic principles and preparation methods of biochip technology, and its application in biomedical engineering.

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