Investigating into methods for the quantification of mental states


报告题目:Investigating into methods for the quantification of mental states



Dr. Ling Li is the Director of Internationalisation at the School of Computing and also the founding coordinator of Laboratory of Brain | Cognition | Computing (BC2 Lab) of the school responsible for coordinating multidisciplinary research between Computing, Sports and local NHS hospitals. She had six-year research experience at Imperial College London with a focus to understand body sensor data (EEG, EMG, ECG, eAR-sensor, and etc.). She participated in large scale projects. She also had significant funding incomes from industry (i.e. Samsung GRO award) as well as the government. She now serves at the editorial board of Brain Informatics and the secretary of IEEE Computing Society in UK and Ireland.

Her talk focuses on how the signal processing and machines learning methodologies can be applied to the biomedical signal analysis framework. For example, brain activities measured through Electroencephalography (EEG) signals were used to quantify neurological states. Advanced methods are presented which overcomes the weakness of traditional methods in both time and frequency domains for EEG analysis. This also included how AI can be adopted to understand neurological disorders, as well as network analysis in quantifying different brain states. How these methodologies can be further extended as a general framework for studying human biological functions will be discussed.



2018年9月11号周二 9:30-10:30,报告结束后为自由讨论时间。




邀请人:彭汉川  东南大学学习科学研究中心