Title:Mobile Electronics as Quantitative Point-of-care Diagnostic Tools: from Disc Players to Smartphones


Time2018.3.22 AM10:00-11:30
PlaceLiwenzheng Building N312


Hua-Zhong Yu (于化忠)

Department of Chemistry, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

(e-mail: hogan_yu@sfu.ca)

Current guidelines for healthcare emphasize rapid testing and reporting, which can be better satisfied by point-of-care (POC) diagnostic tools rather than centralized medical laboratories using automated multi-analyte analyzers by trained professionals. With POC testing, the turn-around time is significantly reduced, leading to earlier decision making and more efficient medical treatment. At present, POC protocols are predominantly based on rapid-test immunoassay strips/cassettes that combine gold nanoparticles for colorimetric (mostly qualitative) detection and flow-through systems for sample delivery. Mobile electronics provides a promising alternative to today’s POC testing protocol; we have established both the chemistry and signal readout methodology for running assays with disc players, and recently explored the feasibility of using smartphones as the detection platform for quantitative colorimetric analysis.


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于化忠,现任加拿大Simon Fraser大学(SFU)化学系教授及4D Labs(先进材料研究中心)专任研究员。1991年毕业于山东大学化学系;1994年获得山东大学和中科院大连化学物理研究所联合培养硕士学位(顾月姝教授和李学初研究员;光华奖学金)1997年在北京大学纳米化学中心取得博士学位(刘忠范院士的首届博士研究生;1999北京大学优秀博士论文)1997年到1999年在加州理工学院(Caltech)从事博士后研究工作,导师为诺贝尔奖获得者激光化学家兹维尔教授(Ahmed Zewail)和电化学家安森教授(Fred Anson)2000年工作于加拿大国家科学院;2001年受聘于SFU2005年提前取得终身教职,2009年破格晋升为教授。

于化忠教授发表研究论文超过140篇,半数刊登在美国化学会(ACS)的核心期刊上;另有美国/国际专利4项。先后获加拿大化学会Fred Beamish(2004),加拿大电化学会W. Lash Miller (2011),国际电化学学会Tajima(2012),以及最近的加拿大化学会的W.A.E. McBryde奖章(2015)