Fang Yang



Fang Yang

Professional titles

Associate professor

Doctoral supervisor OR Master's supervisor

Master's supervisor


Biomedical Engineering

Academic expertise and research direction

Design, fabrication and synthesis of novel types of nano/ micro-bubbles; nano/ micro-bubble-based platforms for biomedial imaging (MRI, US, CT, optical imaging, etc), multimodality imaging of angiogenesis and metastasis, as well as targeted delivery of gene, chemo, and therapeutics.

Current research and other projects

Research projects:

lPI, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31000453; Jan. 2010~Dec. 2013) “Smart microspheres delivery device triggered by magnetic field”

lPI, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31370019; Jan. 2014~Dec. 2017) “The fabrication of multifunctional micro-, nano- bubbles and its application in biomedical theranostics”

lCo-PI, National Key Basic Research Program of China (No. 2013CB733804; Jan. 2013-Aug. 2017); “New technologies for treatment of ischemic penumbra recanalization”

Books and papers

1. Fang Yang, Qing Wang, Zhuxiao Gu, Kun Fang, Gerard Marriott, Ning Gu. Silver nanoparticle-embedded micro-bubble as a dual-mode ultrasound and optical imaging probe. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces), 2013, 2013, 5 (18): 9217–9223 (SCI, IF: 5.008)

2. Fang Yang, Sunling Hu, Yu Zhang, Xiaowei Cai, Yan Huang, Feng Wang, Song Wen, Gaojun Teng, Ning Gu. A Hydrogen Peroxide-Responsive O2 Nanogenerator for Ultrasound and Magnetic-Resonance Dual Modality Imaging. Adv. Mater. 2012, 24(38): 5205-5211(SCI, IF: 14.829)

3. Fang Yang, Miao Zhang, Wen He, Ping Chen, Xiaowei Cai, Li Yang, Ning Gu and Junru Wu. Controlled Release of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles in Encapsulated Microbubbles to Tumor Cells via Sonoporation and Associated Cellular Bioeffects, Small 2011, 7(7), 902-910(SCI, IF: 8.349)

4. Fang Yang, Ping Chen, Wen He, Ning Gu, Xizhi Zhang, Kun Fang, Yu Zhang, JianFei Sun, Jiayi Tong. Bubble Microreactors Triggered by an Alternating Magnetic Field as Diagnostic and Therapeutic Delivery Devices. Small, 2010, 6(12): 1300-1305(SCI, IF: 7.336)

5. Fang Yang, Yixin Li, Zhongpin Chen, Yu Zhang, Junru Wu, Ning Gu. Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle-embedded Encapsulated Microbubbles as Dual Magnetic Resonance and Ultrasound Imaging Contrast Agents. Biomaterials, 2009, 30, 3882-3890(SCI, IF: 7.365)

6. Fang Yang, Ning Gu, Di Chen, Xiaoyu Xi, Dong Zhang, Yixin Li, Junru Wu. Experimental study on cell self-sealing during sonoporation. Journal of Controlled Release, 2008, 131(3): 205-210(SCI, IF: 5.690)

7. Fang Yang, Ling Li, Yixin Li, Zhongping Chen, Junru Wu, Ning Gu. Superparamagnetic nanoparticle-inclusion microbubbles for ultrasound contrast agents. Phys. Med. Biol, 2008, 53: 6129-6141(SCI, IF: 2.784)

8. Fang Yang, Aiyuan Gu, Zhongping Chen, Ning Gu, Min Ji. Multiple emulsion microbubbles for ultrasound imaging. Materials Letters, 2008, 62: 121-124(SCI, IF: 1.748)

9. Chao Wang, Fang Yang, Zhihong Xu, Dongquan Shi, Dongyang Chen, Jin Dai, Ning Gu, Qing Jiang. Intravenous release of NO from lipidic microbubbles accelerates deep vein thrombosis resolution in a rat mode. Thromb Res (2013), 131(1): e31-e38 (SCI, IF: 3.133)

10. Xiaowei Cai, Fang Yang, Ning Gu. Applications of Magnetic Microbubbles for Theranostics. Theranostics, 2012; 2(1):103-112 (SCI, IF: 7.806)

11. Wen He, Fang Yang, Yihang Wu, Song Wen, Ping Chen, Yu Zhang, Ning Gu. Microbubbles with surface coated by superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. Materials Letters, 2012, 68(1): 64-67 (SCI, IF: 2.224)

12. Xiaoyu Xi, Fang Yang, Di Chen, Yi Luo, Dong Zhang, Ning Gu, Junru Wu. A targeting drug-delivery model via interactions among cells and liposomes under ultrasonic excitation. Phys. Med. Biol, 2008(53): 3251-3265(SCI, IF: 2.784)


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