Huimei Chi



Huimei Chi

Professional titles

Associate Prof.

Doctoral supervisor OR Master's supervisor


Biomedical engeneering

Academic expertise and research direction  

Bioenergy, fluorescence spectroscopy, early life evolution

Current research and other projects

Microbial fuel cell, photosynthetic bacteria, photosynthetic antenna, evolution of early life

Books and papers

Huimei Chi, Man Feng, Yuanchang Chen, Chun Ding, Linjuan Gu, Jingwu Ma & Zuhong Lu, 2009. “The apatite crystal in the fossil cells with fluorescence”. Crystal Growth and Design, 9(2): 676–681.

Huimei Chi, Zhongdang Xiao & Zuhong Lu, 2008. “The preservation and fluorescence of the microfossils from Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation”. Microscopy research and technique, 71(4): 260-266.

Huimei Chi, Zhongdang Xiao, Junyuan Chen & Zuhong Lu, 2007. “Application of atomic force microscopy on observing the ultra-fine structure of the Neoproterozoic microfossils from China”. Scanning, 29: 102-108.

Huimei Chi, Zhongdang Xiao, Degang Fu & Zuhong Lu, 2006. “Analysis of fluorescence from algae fossils of the Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation of China by confocal laser scanning microscope”. Microscopy research and technique 69(4): 253-259.

Junyuan Chen, Diying Huang, Qingqing Peng, Huimei Chi, Xiuqiang Wang & Man Feng, 2003. “The tunicate from early Cambrian of South China”. PNAS, 100(14): 8314-8318.

Junyuan Chen, David J. Bottjer, Paola Oliveri, Stephen Q. Dornbos, Feng Gao, Seth Ruffins, Huimei Chi, Chia-Wei Li & Eric H. Davidson, 2004. “Small bilaterian fossils from 40 to 55 million years before the Cambrian”. Science, 305: 218-222.


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