Suiren Wan



Suiren Wan

Professional titles

Ph. D, Professor

Doctoral supervisor OR Master's supervisor

Doctoral supervisor and Master's supervisor


Biomedical Engineering; Medical Electronics

Academic expertise and research direction

Biomedical signal Analysis and Processing; Wavelets in Biomedical Engineering; Medical Imaging; Medical Instrumentation

Current research and other projects

Medical Imaging; Wavelets in Biomedical Engineering; Biomedical signal Analysis and Processing;

Books and papers

1.Beli Gu, Suiren Wan, Xingqun Zhao, The principle of Medical Imaging, Science Press, 2012.1.

2.Qiaonong Wen and Suiren Wan .Generalized TV and Sparse Decomposition of the Ultrasound Image Deconvolution Model Based on Fusion Technology.Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.Vol. 12, 1–8, 2012 SCI)

3.Qiao-nong WenSui-ren WanZeng-li LiuShuang XuNew Smooth space G for image denoising, 3rd International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, 2010, 12744-747

4.Suiren Wan, Balasundar I. Raju, and Mandayam A. SrinivasanRobust universal deconvolution of ultrasound images using higher order spectral analysis and wavelets, Ultrasoun. Ferroelect. Freq. Contr. IEEE Trans.,Vol. 50, No. 10, 20031286-1295


Other explanation

Prof. Wan is the director of the Medical Electronics Lab. His research interesting is medical imaging, Biomedical signal Processing, especially on the wavelets in biomedical engineering.