Qingjiang SUN



Qingjiang SUN

Professional titles


Doctoral supervisor OR Master's supervisor

Doctoral supervisor


Biomedical Engineering/Bioelectronics

Academic expertise and research direction

(1)Bioanaytical methods and sensors

(2)Biomedical nanophotonics

(3)Microbial fuel cells

Current research and other projects

(1)Fluorescent nanosensors for the detection of ions in living cells

(2)Quantum dot/macrocyclic molecule fluorescent probes for selective and sensitive assay of G-quadruplex DNA

(3)Optically tuning the intracellular electron process of bacteria based on nanocomposites

Books and papers

(1)Lu Zhang, Kao Zhu, Tao Ding, Xianyun Hu, Qingjiang Sun*, and Chunxiang XuQuantum Dot—Phenanthroline Dyads: Detection of Double-Strand DNA Using a Photoinduced Hole Transfer Mechanism, Analyst 138(2013) 887-893.

(2)Yi Zhang, Lei Gao, Chang He, Qingjiang Sun* and Yongfang LiSynthesis and photovoltaic properties of two-dimension-conjugated D–A copolymers based on benzodithiophene or benzodifuran unitsPolym. Chem., 4(2013)1474-1481.

(3)GAO Lei, ZHANG Jing, HE Chang*, SHEN SuLing, ZHANG Yi, LIU HongTao, SUN QingJiang*, LI YongFang, Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of a star-shaped molecule based on triphenylamine core and branched terthiophene end groups, SCIENCE CHINA Chemistry, 56(2013)997-1003.

(4)Qingjiang Sun, Guru Subramanyam, Liming Dai, Michael Check, Angela Campbell, Rajesh Naik,JamesGrote, and Yongqiang Wang, Highly Efficient Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes with DNA−CTMA as aCombined Hole-Transporting and Electron-Blocking Layer, ACS Nano3(2009)737-743.

(5)Qingjiang Sun, Y. Andrew Wang, Lin Song Li, Daoyuan Wang, Ting Zhu, Jian Xu, Chunhe Yang,YongfangLi, Bright, Multicolored Light Emitting Diodes Based on Quantum Dots, Nature Photonics1(2007)717-722.

(6)Qingjiang Sun, Kyusoon Park, and Liming Dai, Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Highly-EfficientBilayer Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells, J. Phys. Chem. C 113(2009)7892-7897.

(7)Qingjiang Sun, Dong Wook Chang, Liming Dai, James Grote, and Rajesh Naik, Multilayer whitepolymerlight-emitting diodes with DNA-CTMA as hole-transporting/electron-blocking layers, Appl.Phys. Lett.92(2008)251108 1-3.

(8)Qingjiang Sun, Yongfang Li, Qibing Pei, Polymer Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells forHigh-Efficiency, Low-Voltage Electroluminescent Devices, J. Displ. Technol. 3(2007)211-224.

(9)Q. J. Sun, J. H. Hou, C. H. Yang, Y. F. Li, Y. Yang, Enhanced Performance of White Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes Using Polymer Blends as Hole-Transporting Layers, Appl. Phys. Lett. 89(2006)153501 1-3.

(10)Qingjiang Sun, Haiqiao Wang, Chunhe Yang, Yongfang Li, Synthesis and electroluminescence of novel copolymers containing crown ether spacers, J. Mater. Chem.13(2003)800-806.



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