Marcus Textor教授学术报告

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报告题目:Functional surfaces inspired by nature: from biomimicking adhesivesto triggered drug release systems


Marcus Textor is professor emeritus at ETH Zurich, Department of Materials. He studied chemistry at the University of Zurich. Between 1978 and 1994 he worked in different R&D functions in industry related to metal, automotive and packing applications. In 1994 he joined ETH Zurich, Department of Materials and built up a research group in the area of surfaces and interfaces of light metals and biomaterials, covering fundamental aspects in the behaviour of materials in contact with biological milieus and the design of surfaces that elicit biospecific responses for applications as biosensors, medical implants, cell culture platforms, carriers for drug delivery and nanomaterials for medical imaging.Emerited in 2011, he continued to work for various funding agencies and as consultant for companies and research organisations.

> 360 peer-reviewed journal papers (years 1995 – 2016)

2 books and 12 book chapters and monographs.

>17’000 citations. h-index: 70


The talk will cover a brief introduction to bioinspired surfaces and information on the relevance of biointerface science for diverse applications.The three main subjects addressed are: Self-assembly of functional polymers to control biointeractiveness and induce biospecific interactions. Strong, wet adhesion: biomimetic adhesion strategies derived from bacteria chelators and mussel adhesive proteins Nanoparticle stabilization and functionalization of nanocontainers for triggered (drug) release. The common bioinspired theme of the three applications is the catechol-based adhesion chemistry as found in nature with strong chelators of metal ions and polymerizable glue for wet, strong adhesion.